Thursday, July 21, 2011


We have a logo. Next up, business cards, attitude and schmoozing.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Six killer weeks

It'll be six weeks tomorrow since Jason and I started Boss Alien. B&P joined on the first day, and Jay on the second. in that time we've created two deliverables, shifted development to a totally new environment platform and target platform, spent a shedload of cash, moved into new offices, signed a lot of contracts but most of all we've had a fantastically fun and exciting time and as of today we're officially in business - we're not just doing stuff, we're getting paid for it.

If you had told me that we could be in this position in less than two months, I've have told you that you were obviously criminally insane and no, you couldn't have any of my money. How wrong I would have been.

Next month - the story of how we trashed the most promising business opportunity ever ;) (Or not, hopefully!)

Huge *HUGE* thanks go out to the boys involved, and also to the girls involved - without the support network this would simply not have happened and without the hard work, effort, trust and involvement we'd have nothing more than a promise and a lot of hot air. My missus and Jason's missus both stood up and said this was ok, which has to have been one of the scariest things for them to do, even though it hasn't seemed like that.

Phew. if we can keep this pace up for a year, we'll be halfway to the moon.

Friday, July 8, 2011

End of an era

I haven't watch the feed yet, but the last shuttle is now up in space. I have a horrible feeling, a dread really, that unless some private citizens or companies pull out all the stops, we're about to stagnate and move into one of those hideous futures where 200 years from now we're stewing in our own soup, 20 billion humans on the planet wasting the resources by fighting over them.

I'd prefer the future where we're shuttling around from bases orbiting the planets, taking in the sights of Jupiter and Mars, living in the asteroids. Sign me up for that one, please.

Proper kisses

So very, very cute. And a bit sloppy.