Friday, July 18, 2014

Second birthday

This weekend, it would have been Elijah's second birthday. This is just a quick note to say, while we appreciate people want to send cards (and we love the fact others recognise he was, and still is, a hugely important part of our lives) ... sending a "happy second birthday" card isn't really the way to go. It's not a happy day. It's something we commemorate, but I think the idea of celebrating it is pretty strange for us.

If you do want to make Nic super happy, a "thinking of you" card would be hugely appreciated. As for me, it's obviously massively important to me but I'm not a flowers or cards kind of guy - maybe buy me a beer ;)

A huge amount has happened over the last two years, not least awesome little Isaac. We've both gained a little distance from the most disruptive and disgusting event in our lives. It's touched us all, mostly in negative ways but we do try and take positives from it where we can.

Hopefully we're making some progress with the GMC investigation into the consultant's actions on the day. More info on that to follow.