Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The affordability of being

If you live in the UK, then elections are (finally) looming. I say finally, because we've been in the power of an unelected leader for the last couple of years, which stinks of every bad kind of politics there is. Much as I loathe Gordon Brown and everything he's done to set this country down the path to destruction over the last decade, at least we'll have the chance to rectify it.

Of course, that relies on everyone making the effort - making a statement, and (I guess, if one is to subscribe to our outdated and notably ineffectual and feeble electoral system) making a vote.

I'm strong in my political beliefs, and I think fairly well informed. I'll certainly not be voting for Labour or Conservative. This will probably render my voice mute, but short of wholesale destruction casting a vote is the only way to be counted.

Are you informed? Do you know where our money goes? do you know who your local MP is? Do you know what they stand for, and whether they come close to representing your views when you vote for them?

If you don't, here are some links that you will hopefully find enlightening. Use at your discretion.

Look here for budget info (
Look here to find out about your MP, including their voting record (

I'm not going to attempt to sway your vote, but in the name of the noodly one, please be informed about your choice. Make it count for the right reasons.

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