Sunday, June 19, 2011

Signs and portents

Gabe has become very communicative over the last few weeks, often initiating conversations now. Granted, his spoken english consists mostly of grunts and vocalisations that only Nic and I would understand - but his repertoire of signs is growing immensely, not only learned but created.

He now uses signs and words for "no", "all gone/finished", "more", "down", "goodbye", "bed/bedtime", "up", "dance", "ukelele" (his own creation), "cheers", "hungry", "play", "bird", "cat", "monkey", "space", "thank-you", "stop" and "dip". he also says "star", "mum mum mum" and occasionally "dad dad dad" but the mu and da syllables are so prevalent I can rarely tell when he actually means me or Nic.

I'm kinda impressed, especially when he's the one who starts a conversation.

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