Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Oculus Rift pre-orders are go!

I'm super excited (and I mean SUPER EXCITED - you just have no idea!) about getting my grubby mitts on a CV1. I've had a DK1 and DK2, and I'm awaiting my gratis KS edition CV1 in the post, but I want to get in there with a consumer kit via pre-order too - reasons why will become obvious in a few months.

The pre-order page is open now (click here : ) and grab one if you've got $600 plus tax and delivery (or £500, or 700 euros!). Which is (imho) insanely pricey for their first release - but - (and I may be one of the first people to publicly say this) - it's NOT a ridiculous price point. After all, people pay that for a phone. If they're crazy.

And you'd have to be crazy to jump in on CV1 at this price point. Even if you can make it past the terrible first-day store experience (it may improve later, I hope it does!) - I've put in an order but I still have no idea if it's actually valid or not - no confirmation email, trying to update my order fails, etc. Whoever did their load-testing for day one on their shop could sure use some help! Either that, or they are getting absolutely loopy amounts of orders. I'm guessing the former, and I'm hoping for the latter.

Why? Because I'm one of the crazy ones who believes we're about to see a total sea-change - not just in games, but in all kinds of spheres. Communication. Travel. Media production. Learning. Games, obviously, and that's my background - but VR and AR are about to hit, and they will be here to stay - and it's only going to get better.

I really really want one. (And a Vive, and the next-gen GearVR, and ... )

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