Thursday, December 20, 2018

You ignorant retards, you've messed it up for all of us.

Yes, at long last, it's the Brexit post I've been writing in my head for - well, since the referendum was first proposed. Certainly since half the country (the idiot half) voted to throw all of our value and culture into a huge pile, piss on it, then burn it down.

"We voted for Brexit" is something that Mendacious May and a huge slice of the Government and Media repeat, ad nauseam. But that's wrong, isn't it? I didn't vote for it. I voted Remain. I voted to keep the UK in the EU - regardless of the failings, regardless of the federal machinations, regardless of the huge number of issues - it's better than the alternative.

Because, what is the alternative? No-one knows. It's been discussed over and over, but there is no clear Exit strategy. And it's obvious why that is - it's because people just can't fucking agree about what they don't like the most.

Some people don't like all them foreigners, coming over here, taking the jobs, and being on benefits.

Some people don't like all them politicians, over there, telling us what to do.

Some people don't like being treated like an equal at a table of equals, because we're the UK, goddamnit (or to be more accurate, we're Britain) - we used to have an empire that spanned half the world, we're the best bloody country that ever was, and the rest of them are all just trying to take us down.

Some people don't like globalisation and automation, and the impact it's having on their jobs, which is obviously because we're in the EU, so we should leave.

And some people just want to see the world burn, to their own benefit. I'm looking directly at you, Rees-Mogg and Boris. Oh, and you, Farage.

You see, there's a whole boatload of reasons, and *none of them are reasonable*. Not *one* of those reasons is a good reason to leave the EU.

There *are* some good reasons to be wary of the EU's long term political strategies, but the best way to deal with those are to be at the table, not to walk away, throwing insults behind us as we leave.

And that's simply the stage. The play - that's still in progress! Because half the country voted leave, when they literally have no idea what that means. The dictionary defines idiot to mean "Stupid person". If you pick one of two options, where one is "status quo" and the other is "Who knows, but it's probably going to be bad" then you're stupid.

And not only that, but we've had to endure close on two years of listening to the idiots try and figure out how to get out of the divorce bill. Before they decide how we're actually going to live our lives. Two years of bickering, posturing and ignoring half of the damn country who didn't want this, didn't vote for this, and knew it was a shitty idea in the first place because there was no plan.

I've watched, angry, disconsolate, from the sidelines. I predicted we'd be here or here-abouts at this point, because the folks in charge are a bunch of ignorant retards who are all out for themselves. Our PM didn't want to leave the EU, until the job opportunity came up, so now we've had two years of "Brexit means Brexit" and a deal that's much worse than what we've currently got as our only tabled option. (I predict even that won't be what we end up with - time's ticking here, folks).

I've watched the opposition, lead by a man who does want to leave the EU, sit on their hands and let Rome burn because a) they don't have a better option (no-one does) and b) they prosper where the Government fails. I had hoped that Labour would at least provide a sane exit to this whole debacle, but Corbyn wants us out, and if he can blame the whole thing on the Tories, of course that's the path he'll take.

Of course, that'll never be discussed openly in the BBC news, because god forbid we actually get honest coverage of this whole shit-show.

Here's another prediction - we'll come out of the EU on time, on schedule (because there's no alternative now) and the economy of this country will tank, and everyone will blame it on the Government (rightfully so) but will also pass blame on to the next Government (also, rightfully so) and they'll ignore the small cadre of people who make out like absolute bandits off this process, at the cost of everyone else living here. The UK will lose out on all the wonderful immigrants (skilled and otherwise) who bring value to our society. And all of the idiots who voted Leave will move their hate over to a new target, and blamestorm that instead.

I'm angry, and this time it's justified. If you voted Leave, fuck you. Fuck you very much. You should have known this was coming, because I did. Next time the fate of a generation is in your hands, do the decent thing and do some fucking research before you fucking vote.

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